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Dedham High School Alumni Association
Dedham High School
Alumni Association
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The Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.
Its mission is:

To advance all areas of education and to stimulate continuing interest and professional relationships between Dedham High School and its alumni.

To actively support and promote Dedham High School within the community, by providing funding for school improvements, scholarships and internships, by assisting in job placement and career opportunities, and by promoting general fellowship and community involvement with Dedham High School

To develop and maintain a comprehensive list of alumni to foster future solicitation by the Alumni Association or for use by school and community groups as approved by the Alumni Association

To develop camaraderie among all alumni

To organize social events for alumni and Association members

The Annual "Grand Reunion" for ALL Classes will be held on Saturday Night November 27, 2010 at Moseley's On The Charles. 7:30 PM until Midnight. $35.00 per person. $40.00 per person at the door. This is run by the Dedham High Alumni Association. They do ALL the work, YOU just have to show UP. This years Grand Reunion will be highlighting the years that end in 5 and 0.For more info contact Bob Crisp, or Tom Clinton

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